Jordans Air

Jordans Air

Her main concern is whether she's even slightly asthmatic. One of the top endurance runners in the world, Ethiopia's Haile Gebrselassie, has pulled out of the marathon event for that very reason.

"If we were sitting in a bath house there would be a lot of steam," he said at a press conference. "Maybe you couldn't see the person sitting across from you, but there is no pollution there."

Jordans Air

Zelinka Jordans Air will be performing in the open air. She's a heptathlete, an extreme athlete even among Olympians. Her event combines a variety of track and field events and she will be running for several different distances, including 800 metres.

based athletes.

A farmer wearing a military jacket fires shells from a double barrelled 37 mm anti aircraft gun into the sky over Beijing, aiming at clouds drifting toward the Bird's Nest stadium. The shells contain silver iodide a chemical that makes clouds weep. If successful, the rain will wash the smog from the air.

Jordans Air

Jordans Air

But the levels fluctuate on a daily basis, and can quickly improve if there's a high wind to blow the pollution away. Canada measures its air pollution using an Air Quality Index, which scores the concentration of pollutants in the air. In Ontario, a score of anything less than 31 is considered good. Last Wednesday, Beijing showed an incredible improvement from the past weeks, but it was still a moderate 44.

Will Beijing fail to dissipate smog

The twisting metal bars of the Bird's Nest are often shrouded in a thick mist, as if the stadium were situated on a mountain. Du Shaozhong, deputy chief of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, told reporters that's not a sign of pollution just humidity.

Jordans Air

"At the sport centre here in Calgary, that's their concern, too," she said. "So they've actually tested athletes to see if they had that a minor case of asthma that would become inflamed Jordans For Women White

The World Health Organization says 105,000 particles per litre of air is a health risk. Recent studies conducted by the Daily Telegraph near the Bird's Nest have shown levels in excess of 750,000 particles per litre, a thick soup of chemicals and pollutants.

Jordans Air

Jordans Air

of heavy industry and heavy traffic congestion.

Guo Wenli, director of the Beijing Meteorological Center, said the city's humid weather conditions will not last throughout the Games. He forecasted an average temperature of 24.9 degrees Celsius, based on three decades of data.

CTV correspondent Steve Chao has lived in Beijing for four years. He said there has been a "noticeable improvement" in the city's smog problem, but the pollution levels are still unacceptable, relative to World Health Organization standards. In the past, Chao could drive five hours out of town before seeing the smog clear. Now, it's a two hour drive.

Factory chimneys and car exhaust pipes belch primary air pollutants into the sky, while secondary air pollutants are formed in the sky when those chemicals mix with the atmosphere and create ozone.

"They're prepared and they have their puffers," she said.

She'll have to battle both her competitors and the nasty chemicals that might be in the city's air, including sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds.

More than a dozen such guns are operating in farming communities around the city. Cloud seeding may not be a permanent solution to Beijing's notorious smog problem, but it shows that China is trying nearly anything possible to clean the air for the 2008 Summer Games.

if they ever go there."

"It is easy to pollute but much harder to clean up the damage," he wrote. "Air quality in Beijing is such an example. Despite the series of long and short term plans by Beijing, air pollution remains one of the toughest challenges for the city."

Jordans Air

Doctors told her she will likely be fine. But her fianc , Nathaniel Miller, a member of Canada's Olympic water polo team, will have to take precautions, along with several other Calgary Jordans Shoes For Girls

Lo Sze Ping, campaign director of Greenpeace China, acknowledged that Beijing has been working to clean the city's air since 1998.

"In the past, you would constantly feel like you had the flu. "You go outside all day, you come back to blow your nose and it's covered in soot. A lot of people liken it to the Industrial Revolution that London underwent, when there was lots of coal use."

That could considerably clean up the air and help Canada's athletes. But what about after the Games, when the world's focus is no longer on Beijing?

"The temperature and humidity will gradually drop and we will have better air quality and more comfortable weather in August," he said in an interview with the People's Daily newspaper.

Jordans Air

Smog is mostly created from secondary air pollutants. Some types, like photochemical smog, can create a thick, hazy mixture of ground level ozone.

"I was telling (CTV cameraman) Tom Michalak, when we were in Kandahar, how ironic it is. We're in a war zone, but in a lot of ways it's healthier to be there," he said, laughing.

Jordans Air

He said he plans his vacations out of the city every few months to let his lungs recover and "expel whatever is in there." Even his stints reporting on Canada's military operations in southern Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous places in the world, are a relief to his lungs.

But he said that the city's air pollution problem is the result of more than four decades Nike Air Jordan 9 Low Chicago

Jordans Air

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